The new kantian Blog

After the success of the Facebook page, and the large number of comments and discussions on the page 
now born this new kantian blog. On this new deck will be offered sometimes the same issues that you will find on the facebook page, and sometimes new topics on which you can freely discuss. We believe that one of the strongest Kantian messages  concern the power and the dignity of an autonomous reason. The respect and the honesty seen in the discussions conducted on the facebook page have convinced us about the foundation of this new page.

We allways think that Immanuel Kant’ mind is still alive because of people able to remember the importance of a free thought and the power of a tenacious reason.  People able to understand that recognize the reason’s limits is honoring its powers. People able to remember that love for the starry sky and esteem for the moral law are the elements that elevate all men but never a man over another. Reading Kant means discover the power of reason humble and proud that, changing the world, rediscovers itself and its infinite value.

Thank you for your visit, enjoy the blog and expose your free thought any time.
Thank you all again


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